ICE REPORT: List of areas experiencing ice

Published 10:22 am Wednesday, January 29, 2014



The Georgia Department of Transportation has reported ice on the following bridges in Decatur County and surrounding counties.

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Decatur County

  • State Route 1 at the Flint River
  • SR 1 Business at the Flint River


Dougherty County

  • SR 520 Business at the Flint River
  • SR 520 over the Georgia & Florida rail line
  • SR 234 over the Flint River


Wilcox County

  • SR 30 at the Ocmulgee River

GDOT crews will spread a salt/rock mixture on the bridges. Reports of ice on southwest Georgia bridges began coming in at approximately 2:30 a.m. Wednesday and have been steady since. All bridges have remained open.

Motorists should not pass a DOT dump truck spreading the salt/stone mixture, as stones may get kicked up at their cars and could break windshields. Please follow at least 100 feet behind DOT vehicles and never pass a Georgia DOT, contractor or local government truck treating the road.

The Department continues to ask the public to stay off the roadways until midday Wednesday at the earliest. Traffic could impede the ability of GDOT crews to reach areas that need to be treated.

Motorists who must travel should be extremely cautious. Slow down considerably; allow extra distance between yourself and other vehicles, maintain a steady speed; avoid lane changing and sudden acceleration or braking. Also, avoid any driving after dark as black ice will form on streets, roads and highways and is virtually impossible to detect in the dark.