Bearcats bounce Miller County, outgunned against Northside Columbus in weekend matchups

Published 7:13 pm Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Senior guard Mike Jones drives past a Northside Columbus Patriot during Saturday night’s game. Jones poured in 16 points Friday against Harris County. — Powell Cobb

The Bearcats played two games last weekend, winning their game Friday night against Harris County 74-69 and taking a hard loss to Northside Columbus 74-65 last Saturday.

The Bearcats finished the weekend with an 8-6 season record, standing tall with a 4-3 winning record at the Bainbridge gymnasium.

Last Friday night against the Harris County Tigers (6-6), the Bearcats saw sophomore point guard Tyree Crump put 26 points through the hoop.

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He was eight for 22 from the field, and hit one of 10 attempted three-pointers.

While not his best performance, Crump shined from the line, hitting nine of 11 free throws and helping create a cushion for the Bearcats to pull off a win.

Senior guard Mike Jones showed up against the Tigers as well, going seven for 11 from the field and pouring in 16 points for Bainbridge.

The Bearcats made it through the entire game without a single turnover, helping them keep the momentum when they needed it most.

The first quarter ended 15-13 with Bainbridge taking the advantage. When halftime hit, the Tigers had taken the lead 37-30.

The next quarter, the Bearcats focused, executed well and added 22 points. The score sat at 56-52, Harris County still with the advantage.

The Bainbridge defense held strong for the final quarter, holding the Tigers to 13 points and sinking 22 points of their own.

Saturday night, the Bearcats looked to do the same against the Northside Columbus Patriots, but things weren’t looking in their favor throughout the majority of the game.

Four of the Patriots’ players stood above 6-foot-3-inches, one soaring as tall as 6-foot-nine-inches.

“We weren’t boxing him right, and that’s what cost us,” senior forward Dominic Douglas said. Douglas stands at 6-foot-1-inch and was often matched up with the giant Patriot.

The Bearcats’ shots were constantly blocked, but when they were able to get the ball to the rim, it was often not going in.

“When we don’t shoot the ball well and they play zone, it’s hard to win, especially when they have (players who are) 6-foot-9-inches, 6-foot-6-inches and two 6-foot-3-inches,” Bearcat head coach Rickey McCullough said.

The first quarter ended with the Patriots in the lead 16-14.

By halftime, The Patriots still had the lead 35-26.

The third quarter saw another aggressive effort by the Bearcats, but the Patriots’ tall defense kept Bainbridge from scoring too many baskets. The score advanced to 53-48 with Northside Columbus holding on to the lead.

The fourth quarter flew by as the Bearcats poured in 17 final points, but it wasn’t enough to match the Patriots’ 22 points. The buzzer sounded with the score 74-65.

“We have got to start getting some production from some of our other guys instead of our main guys,” McCullough said.

“They blocked all of our shots and they got frustrated,” McCullough said. “But in AAAAA basketball, you’re going to run into that. I’m never proud when we lose. I hate to lose. We’ve got to figure out some things, and we will. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

The Bearcats faced off against Miller County in Colquitt Tuesday night. Their next game is against Lee County Friday at home. Tip off is at 7:30 p.m.