Thank you, Bainbridge, for a great and memorable year

Published 6:08 pm Monday, December 30, 2013

With the new year beginning Wednesday, it is time to make a few resolutions.
One of the resolutions that I annually make I don’t need to make this year. It is losing weight, and I’ve already achieved it because of an extenuating circumstance.
My main resolution going into 2013 was to lose weight. In early March I was covering the annual Dr. Larry Clark Invitational Track Meet named for one of the best coaches and role models for youngsters in Decatur County and was hit by a shot put in the head.
The blow knocked me out cold, and when I came to, I was surrounded by a group of good caring people standing over me with an ice pack on my forehead.
When the ambulance transported me to Memorial Hospital, a group of good caring health professionals took over.
I want to particularly thank all the kind, caring things friends did for me during the few months that I was unable to drive. Jarrat Nix, Betty Weston, Brennan Leathers and many others kindly took me shopping, to doctors appointments and anywhere else I needed to go.
After having cataracts removed from both eyes by Dr. Aric Aldridge, I do not need glasses any more. I can read even the small print in newspapers, magazines and books without the aid of glasses.
Aldridge, Dr. Sydney Cochran and Dr. Philip Todaro have all been very instrumental in my recovery and I thank them for all their caring and compassion.
I also want to thank the nurses, physical therapists and aids at Memorial Hospital, Nightingale Services and Visiting Nurses for all the care and professionalism they willingly gave to me. They all greatly enhanced my recovery.
The prayers by my St. Joseph Catholic Church family, Deanna Ellis’s Southwest Baptist Church family and all the other church families who prayed for me during my recovery are greatly appreciated.
Deanna has cleaned my apartment, comes by three times a day to put drops in my eyes, brought me plates of food from her family and her church and has done so many other kind things for me. She is a truly caring person. When I drove to Sharpsburg to spend Christmas with my dear brother Tom and my dear sister in law Cheryl and their family, Deanna sent a delicious pound cake and delicious cookies and sausage balls with me.
I also want to thank Post-Searchlight publisher Jeff Findley, all the fine people at Boone Newspapers, former Post-Searchlight publisher Sam Griffin and his dear family for all the help, love and support they gave me,
I also want to thank local certified public accountant Bruce Mann and First Port City Bank vice president Tuffy Nussbaum for helping me get my finances in order.
Getting back to my weight loss, which was most needed, I have already dropped six pants waist sizes. Before the accident I wore pants with size 42 waists. Now I am able to wear pants with size 36 waists.

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