2013 had some of my favorite sports memories from Bainbridge and beyond

Published 8:38 pm Friday, December 27, 2013

Since coming to The Post-Searchlight on Oct. 2, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and meeting some wonderful folks.
It’s been an interesting process, moving to calm Bainbridge from a high-maintenance Athens town. But I’ve found it’s not easy to get bored. There are always people ready to do anything. It’s a community of friendly, welcoming people, and I love that.
In my three short months as a Bainbridge resident and sports writer, I’ve seen some great sports stories happen.
What stands at the forefront of my mind is the incredible Bainbridge High School football victory in Dothan, Ala. I was sitting up in the press box, simultaneously jotting down my notes and biting my nails to stubs out of nervousness. When Greg Cooper caught that pass at the back of the end zone, I exploded out of my chair like someone had just stabbed me from underneath with a smoldering cattle prod.
Then came Daniel Provence’s kick, that 30-yard beauty that soared through the goal posts for three precious, game-winning points.
Both Cooper and Provence were grinning from ear-to-ear after the game when I interviewed them in the locker room. They were so happy, so proud, and they had every right to be. I give my congratulations to the entire Bearcats team. They went 5-5 under an incredible new coaching staff that will no doubt do great things with the program.
Another great memory came early on a Monday morning. I had just gotten to the office and was going to call Erwin Harrell, the Grace Christian Academy Lady Cougars varsity volleyball coach. They had gone to Augusta for the GISA AA state championship that weekend and I wanted to hear how they did.
Post-Searchlight publisher Jeff Findley came in and delivered the news to me before I was able to make the call — they were the state champs.
I felt so happy for that group of girls and Harrell. I knew they had worked hard and possessed a great deal of talent. Now everyone knew they were a force to be reckoned with.
Moving on from Bainbridge sports, I watched a lot of great moments happen in college football, too. But the best I remember was a Georgia game.
I remember the weekend before I made the move to Bainbridge, Georgia hosted LSU at Sanford Stadium. My dad had a ticket for me, but I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to go. I thought I would need the time to finish packing and preparing for my great journey south. But he convinced me otherwise. I’m glad he did.
That game was the best I’ve ever seen live in Athens. It was entertaining and nerve wrecking. I think I will always remember the moment of pure joy I felt the moment Zach Mettenberger’s final pass was incomplete and I realized the Bulldogs were going to come out of this one alive.
I moved to Bainbridge the next day with a hoarse throat from screaming.

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