Cocoa for sale: Teen to sell hot chocolate for charity

Published 10:43 pm Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Friday, a Bainbridge High School student is going to do his best to raise money for the community. For him, there’s no better way to do it than with a piping-hot cup of hot chocolate.
Ryan Adams, 14, started his hot chocolate sale six years ago as a way to earn some extra cash for the holidays. He raised $150, but changed his mind on what to do with the money when he heard of a Bainbridge resident losing her home in a fire.
Adams donated his earnings and decided to sell hot chocolate again the next year for charity. The annual tradition grew from there.
“I started so I could help kids,” Adams said about raising money from selling his hot cocoa. “This year I hope to raise $2,500.”
Adams will begin selling hot chocolate at 7 a.m. Friday in front of the Charter House Inn on Tallahassee Highway. He doesn’t plan on packing up until he reaches his goal.
Half the proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward Secret Santa to help the organization purchase new toys for children who aren’t expecting anything for Christmas. Adams plans on donating the other half to families around Decatur County who are at unfortunate times in their lives.
“We try to make sure we are donating to people who are truly down on their luck,” Adams’ mom Shaie Bowen said. “We want the money to go to people who truly need it.”
Last year, Adam’s proceeds were able to help around 16 families in the community. In addition to a donation of 12 electronic space heaters that Adams turned over to elderly Bainbridge residents, Adams believes he was able to make a difference. But his goals keep getting higher.
Alongside Adams will be his cousin and first partner in the fundraiser, Jewel Anvar.
To match the demand for this year’s bigger goal, Adams recruited many of his teammates from the BHS wrestling team.
“I just asked all of them,” Adams said. “A bunch of them are my friends, and they said, yes.”
Also helping Adams and his crew will be National Southern Miss Katie Ekein and National Southern Miss Supreme Jalyn Harrison. Pepsi Cola even donated their Pepsi Cola wagon for Adams and his friends to sell out of.
“We’re working hard to get everything ready,” Bowen said. “(Adams) is so excited.”

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