Uidentified suspects shoot multiple shots into Hutto McGyver complex

Published 10:49 am Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Officers with the Bainbridge Public Safety Department are still investigating a shooting that occurred at the Hutto McGyver apartments on Martin Luther King Drive last Monday night.

The suspects were believed to have been carrying multiple handguns, but officers are still trying to determine how many. No injuries were reported.

BPS Investigator Ryan Deen said a BPS officer responded to building ten of the Hutto McGyver complex at 10:50 p.m. Monday when several residents called dispatch frantically reporting four to seven shots fired.

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“The (responding officer) reported that when he responded to the scene the woman who called seemed very shaken and upset,” Deen said.

When the woman called she told officers she believed the shots sounded like high caliber weapons, but on the scene officers have gathered bullet holes and casings that show multiple weapons were fired, but they aren’t sure how many.

“We found bullet holes in the eight building that we believe are from 9mm or .380 caliber pistols,” Deen said. “Then someone found .40 and .22 caliber casings, but we still do not know how many guns were used.”

Deen said this particular incident is unusual for the complex. In the past, Deen said, there have been instances where suspects fired single shots into the air, “but multiple people shooting at one time is uncommon.”

So far no suspects have been identified and no witnesses are coming forward to give details.

Witnesses report having seen multiple suspects that were unrecognizable and all wearing dark clothing.

“So far no one has come forward,” Deen said. “No one could recognize anyone and all we know is that the people involved were in all black clothing and several people were running.”

Police are asking that anyone with information, even a small detail, come forward and report to investigators.

Report something anonymously to the Bainbridge Public Safety Department by submitting an anonymous form found here or call Investigator Ryan Deen at (229)-726-1536.