Bearcat center shows swagger and style

Published 7:24 pm Friday, November 22, 2013

It’s an undeniable truth that basketball is a game of style. The nature of the sports is to look smooth and fluid as you dribble up and down the court, jump in the air to make a dunk or drive through a lane for a lay up. Sloppy play isn’t praised.
The more graceful you are, the more you’re talked about.
Look at Michael Jordan, in my opinion the greatest player to ever play the game. At least once a game, he pulls off a move that makes you cover your mouth and yell in amazement.
There are a few players like that even today. LeBron James and Kevin Durant come to mind. Both are quick, subtle and considered the great players of the decade so far.
Funny I should mention LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Last night while I was interviewing Bearcat forward Tyree Crump after helping his team with an 82-72 victory over the Early County Bobcats, I asked him where he got his playing style.
I couldn’t help but notice the amazing, natural and comfortable play Crump was showing on the floor.
He looked like he belonged on a basketball court.
His response was simple. “I just like to watch players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant.”
Simple, but it explains everything.
Crump scored 22 points Thursday night and was eight for 12 from the foul line. He’s got the skill, no question about it.
But sometimes it takes just a little bit more to set you apart. He’s got the swagger, whether he’s clapping his hands and driving his team on after nailing a shot from downtown or on the sidelines talking to his teammates.
Crump has the personality of a true basketball player.
If he keeps his head straight and puts his heart into doing what he loves, I’m willing to bet Crump will be talked about like James and Gardner are now.

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