This is the greatest season for sports

Published 12:35 am Saturday, November 9, 2013

I love fall. It’s my favorite season of the year for a number of reasons. It’s the season I was born. I love the drop in temperature, a comfortable chill before harsh Jack Frost freezes us all to the bone in the winter. I love the clothes. I love the scenery.

I love the sports.

Sometimes, there’s this special period in the fall that we sports fans relish.

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If we’re lucky, football, baseball and basketball events happen within the same week. ESPN sports talk (something I like to call “Sports Blah Blah”) centers around the home stretch of baseball season, the beginning of basketball season and the glorious halfway point of football season.

We can catch a few innings of the World Series, flip to a basketball preseason game then finish everything off with a round of Monday Night Football. It’s amazing.

In Bainbridge, baseball season doesn’t start until the spring. Basketball season isn’t for another three weeks and we’re all caught up with Coach Jeff Littleton and his Bearcat football team as they head to playoffs.

Things may not line up down here for that “special week” like they do in the professional sports world. But that doesn’t make things any less exciting this fall.

The Bearcat football team is heading to the playoffs hot on a 3-game winning streak.

I don’t know if people believe in “momentum” when it comes to a team going on a winning streak, but I do.

How can someone not see some form of a  snowballing progress with the Bearcats?

Watch how quarterback Preston Norris connects with receivers Shawon Gardner or Greg Cooper on a Friday night (especially against Dothan last Thursday).

Earlier in the season, some of those catches may have been incomplete.

They’ve gotten in a rhythm, they’ve “gelled” as Coach Littleton puts it, and the whole team is making progress.

I’m giddy for playoffs.

I’ve watched a couple practices for the Bearcats and Lady Cats basketball teams, too. Coaches Ricky McCullough and Kevin Cochran know what they’re doing.

The teams look fluid and connected. They’re comfortable with the ball and each other. With basketball, it’s about reading your own players as much as much as reading your opponents. The Bearcats and Lady Cats are fine teams with close players.

I can’t wait to see the work they do on the court this season.

Fall is a great season, and it’s a great time for sports. Whether you’re glued to the television watching Carmello Anthony or screaming for the Bearcats, all the fans win.

Let’s just hope that Bainbridge does, too.