Voting is crucial for American’s voice to be hear

Published 12:46 am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Election Day was this Tuesday. All across the nation, citizens stepped up to the polls to vote for public officials and representatives.
They put to use their voice in deciding who leads us, no matter how big or small.
Through the power of democracy, they’re voice will be heard.
But how many residents in Bainbridge are exercising their right to vote?
The importance of American citizens using their voting power cannot be stressed enough.
It’s easy to wonder just how many people choose to sit at home or stay at work instead of making a difference in their community by voting for public officials.
Showing up and voting doesn’t in any way guarantee that someone’s preference will triumph at the end of the day, but you can’t win if you don’t play.
Elected officials decide how communities spend their resources. They make final decisions on how societies will operate.
If someone is upset with how a community is being run, the best way to make a change is through the polls.
Elect the officials who will create a difference and make educated decisions on the direction a community should head.
Elect the officials who will spend residents’ tax dollars on useful projects that will benefit society.
Elect the men and women who will take criticism and listen to the voices of citizens.
It’s these kinds of officials that are needed in office, so use democracy like it’s supposed to be used: at the poll booth.
Choosing not to vote denies you a voice in making a difference within the community.

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