Another bumbling bureaucracy

Published 1:46 pm Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dear editor,
Do you trust our Government to preserve our constitutional and Bill of Rights freedoms?
My position then, and now, is related to the fact that our governments are inefficient at managing entitlement programs and enforcing laws it creates.
Medicare is experiencing financial shortfalls, now complicated by stealing $750 Billion of its senior paid premiums for Medicaid, and both plans are riddled with fraudulent claims. Obamacare will open new paths to fraud, especially within its “subsidies program and tax credits.”
Along with new privacy computer concerns, the negatives of Obamacare are now being exposed. Its Law is catastrophically unfair, unaffordable, unpopular and unworkable.
One healthcare plan cannot be equitable for all. Even Medicare allows 3-4 options for coverages, without maternity or pediatric care.
Obamacare doesn’t offer coverage options — it mandates to take it all or pay a penalty (a tax as labeled by our Supreme Court). This provides huge windfalls to the healthcare and insurance industries. They can legally increase fees and premiums under the pretense of more expensive coverages.
Just this week, another “promise” hit the fan — “If you already have health insurance, you can keep your plan.” They knowingly failed to mention your policy had to provide the same coverages as Obamacare. Then HHS added regulations that if any part of a policy was changed since July 2010 like deductibles, co-payments or benefits, those policies could not be grandfathered, which accounts for millions of policy cancellations now. That partly explains why our corporations and unions were granted another year to comply.
Our Government is responsible for rising healthcare and drug costs. Every time they discuss cutting the percentage of reimbursements to doctors and medical facilities, they just raise their prices to off-set the lower percentage. Also, the perscription drug industry needs to be banned from television advertising. The U.S. is the only country in the world that allows direct consumer perscription advertising to create demand and increase prices, which indicates their powerful lobby/donations to our politicians.
Consider the above when you hear pleas to defund or repeal Obamacare and its new bureaucracy. Americans should not allow this debacle called healthcare and its new taxes being forced upon us and invading our rights and liberties.

Kelly Godwin

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