Eighth grade heads to championship undefeated

Published 10:13 am Monday, October 21, 2013

The eighth grade Bearcats stomped Washington Middle School Thursday, using their solid defense to stopt the Tigers in their tracks and powerful running plays to drive the score up to 35-12.
“We played almost a perfect game,” Head Coach Keith Maxwell said.
The Bearcats first drive resulted in a one-play touchdown, sending running back Dameon Pierce up the right sideline and outrunning Washington’s defenders. Pierce finished the game with two touchdowns under his belt.
“Well, we started with a good line first,” Pierce said. “That’s the base of all the running. Without them I coundn’t have had none of this, none of these two touchdowns. The big man above blessed me with this ability to run, hit holes and score touchdowns.”
The Tigers tried to move the ball on offense, but the Bearcats continuously stopped them. The halftime buzzer rang with the score 28-0.
In the second half, Bainbridge allowed only two touchdowns, but held off both of their 2-point conversions. The Bearcats scored again on their last drive, ending the game 35-12.
“Our defense has been very good all year,” Maxwell said. “They are very physical, especially the defensive line.”
Coach Maxwell  said he is excited for the championship and appreciates how hard his team has worked all season to get to this point.
“I’m very proud of the team,” Maxwell said. “That’s two years in a row that they are undefeated.”
Next for the Bearcats is the Middle School Championship next Tuesday, where they will play Thomas County Central at Centennial Field at 5 p.m.
Pierce saidhe eighth grade team has grown close this season and look forward to finishing off the year without another win in the championship.

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