Bainbridge man dies at Cedar Springs mill in Early County

Published 5:58 pm Friday, October 18, 2013

CEDAR SPRINGS — A Bainbridge man died Wednesday from injuries sustained while working at the Georgia Pacific Cedar Springs mill in Early County.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration are now actively investigating the incident on site.

A spokesperson for Georgia Pacific said Shannon Jones, 39, a resident of Bainbridge, was an employee of Georgia Pacific and was killed Wednesday night during a work-related accident.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now actively investigating the incident on site.

“Due to the investigation, which is customary procedure in this type of situation, we have no other details to share at this point,” Peggy Jaye, spokesperson for the Cedar Springs mill said. “Our company and our employees remain committed to working safely and will work with OSHA’s team to determine all the facts related to this very unfortunate incident.”

Robert Vazzi, Savannah area director for OSHA said OSHA has opened the investigation into the incident and the investigation could take as long as six months.

“We are investigating this fatality and our investigation could take up to six months, but typically they do not take that long,” Vazzi said.

Under the OSHA Act, the investigation is required to take place within six months or less. OSHA does not issue preliminary or interim reports — so no details of the nature of the incident will emerge until autopsies and investigations are completed and a final report is issued.

The last recorded death at the Cedar Springs mill was in 2006 when a steam pipe combusted and caused an employee to fall from a high-level catwalk to his death.

Another recoded death incident was in 2003, when an employee fell into paper shredding machinery while cleaning it.

OSHA recommended fines of more than $60,000 in each case.