Corn kernels spill all over Highway 84

Published 12:36 am Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A peanut trailer full of corn kernels pulled by a pickup truck lost its two right wheels and tipped on State Highway 84 near the Shotwell Street exit Tuesday.
Mario Daniels, the driver of the truck, stopped in the middle of the highway to keep from spreading the mess.
Traffic was congested as Bainbridge Public Safety officers and the driver of the truck shoveled the corn off the road. A wrecker pulled the damaged trailer off the highway to clear the space for traffic.
“Any kind of accident on the highway is always going to slow traffic down,” Public Safety Director Eric Miller said. “The best thing to do is try and let traffic know a head of time.”
According to Daniels, an 18-wheeler behind him almost crashed into the trailer as it was spilling over.
The corn was left piled on the side of the highway.
Miller urged drivers to be safe whenever there is an accident on the highway to eliminate risk of other accidents and keep the traffic moving smoothly.
“When you see us on the highway working an accident, slow down and drive careful so that we can all get through it.”

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