Decatur County Breast Cancer Support Group blesses entire city

Published 11:42 am Monday, October 14, 2013

Decatur County has an incredible resource that not enough people are aware of. The Decatur County Breast Cancer Support Group goes to great lengths to spread their message of hope and love for those who are affected by breast cancer — which in our books is just about everyone.
Producing the Post-Searchlight Pink edition this week meant interviewing survivors who had amazing stories to tell. The troubles these women faced one would never realized if they did not ask — because their smiles and positive attitudes were so noticeable.
The support group helps women, like the survivors we met, pay for transportation to treatments that are sometimes as far as Dothan, Ala.
It also provides a dress and wig closet for women who need that physical support when going through a time when self-esteem is not always up.
Local businesses in Bainbridge have done an amazing job of gaining the pink spirit with Action GM painting their building pink for the month and letting survivors sign the wall during their construction.
A special note goes to the newly renovated Belk which is donating a $1,000 check to the support group to help with expenses.

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