Decatur industrial leaders taking it up a notch

Published 1:34 pm Monday, September 30, 2013

This month the locks and dams of the Apalachicola River will begin a new, stricter schedule and this is a sure sign and indication of what Industrial Development Authority leaders have been predicting for years — that if  no barge traffic came through, the numbers would lead to a closure of the river. Thankfully the river is not closed completely for those trying to lock through both recreationally and commercially, but it does symbolize the end of an era — the end of barge traffic for Bainbridge.
While this could be a hard hit to local industry, the savvy industrial leaders of Decatur County changed up their recruiting tactics more than five years ago. They embrace and realize the reality of getting barges up to our port. Now Bainbridge has become a new kind of port. It is now a port utilizing rail traffic and commercial trucking.
If it weren’t for an IDA that had the ability to highlight strengths and resources that can be utilized and realistically marginalizing weaknesses (lack of barge traffic,) local industries and the IDA could be scratching their heads right about now.
Instead they are moving along towards the future, recruiting new industry, showing off the great rail port Decatur County has to this day. They are filling rail cars up with feed and products, still having an entrepreneurial spirit, carrying this once water port city into a brighter future.

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