Have fun, but be safe

Published 5:53 am Friday, August 30, 2013

As we enter this Labor Day holiday weekend, our hope is you enjoy this unofficial last weekend of summer in a safe and relaxing way.

Labor Day is always the first Monday in September and was first recognized, officially, by the state of Oregon in 1887. The holiday had been celebrated in New York City since 1882. Created to celebrate the achievements of the American worker, the United States Congress passed an act making Labor Day a legal federal holiday.

Organized labor unions played a major role in the push to recognize a workingman’s holiday. This began during the time of a huge industrial push in our nation’s history. The United States had emerged as the worldwide leader in manufacturing, creation, and ingenuity. Labor Day was the day that those workers were celebrated.

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On this long weekend, please remember the law enforcement, first responders, and medical personnel who will work through the holiday. Also, please remember the military personnel, both on domestic and foreign ground, who are giving up time with their families so we can spend time with ours.

But, please be responsible and be careful during your time off, we want you around to celebrate the 2014 Labor Day holiday.