Slow going on Lake Douglas Sewer line

Published 9:24 am Friday, August 16, 2013

Lake Douglas Jack and Bore process.

Lake Douglas Jack and Bore process.

There is no doubt it is slow going on the Lake Douglas sewer line extension project. Whether you are involved in the construction, a driver on the road or a resident of the area, most agree that things are progressing slowly.

For the first part of the summer, one-lane traffic was maintained while work continued, but for several weeks now, the road has been closed during the workday from College Road to Douglas Drive.

This past Monday an electric sign was installed saying that portion of the road will be closed on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The city says it will be for two to three weeks.

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People who must travel that way are beginning to lose patience with the project and wonder what is taking so long.

Traffic moves slowly over the muddy roadway where sewer line work has been ongoing on Lake Douglas Road.

Traffic moves slowly over the muddy roadway where sewer line work has been ongoing on Lake Douglas Road.

A recent press release from the City of Bainbridge states, “Work on the Lake Douglas East Sewer Project is continuing this month with crews finalizing punch lists on College Road, Ashton Way and Legette Drive.”

The explanation for the delay is, “Unlike other areas of the project where the road was dug up in a trench method, the Lake Douglas Road phase is using the jack and bore method. Crews are boring under the road to have the least impact on the large oak trees in the area. They are going down the center of the road, making it impassable because it is the furthest point from all of the trees.

“Each day, crews must dig a 14-20 foot hole to place the boring machine in. Once the boring machine is in place the dirt is displaced underneath the road so that casings can be laid. Once the casings are laid, sewer pipe will be laid inside the casing.”

The city says the hole allows for boring in both directions. Each afternoon, in order to reopen the road, crews must finish an entire casing, remove the bore machine from the hole and place a metal plate over the hole before covering it with dirt.

Adrienne Harrison, executive director of Bainbridge Convention & Visitors Bureau, said the unprecedented heavy rains have not helped the process any. She further explains that the ground has to be graded just right at the end of the day and the rains mess up the grading.

When the jack and bore process is completed, the pumps will be able to be tested and placed in operation.

Citizens wishing to keep track of the project may get regular updates by visiting the facebook page at, or on the city’s website,