What lies beneath the Murky Waters of Sykes Mill Creek?

Published 5:44 am Tuesday, August 6, 2013

“What lies just beneath the murky waters of Sykes Mill Creek?” is the question asked by several fishing on the banks. On these long hot lazy days of summer fishing is a popular pastime for many around Climax, and Sykes Mill Creek is one of the favorite spots.

Just as several of us did as children, fishing buddies today hang their legs from the banks of the creek or the bridge; they watch their fishing corks and wonder what may be down there. One might want to think twice before hanging their legs off the banks now. Reports of something big and hungry are rumored to be underneath those waters.

Decatur County road crews have been repairing Sykes Mill road recently and they have stories to share. Some tell one and then another tells it a little different. However, one worker stated he had seen a huge alligator of about 6 feet in Sykes Mill creek. When questioned further, it seems this is a true sighting.

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We remember another story a few years ago, with rainy weather and flooding, such as we have been having lately. An eight foot alligator was run over by a car on Hwy 262 near the Sykes Mill road. The driver thought it was a log until she saw the tail. She got help and this fellow was caught and relocated. This is only a stone throw from the creek. So the sighting recently could be so. This maybe the grandson or daughter of that eight footer.

Fishing pals be careful to keep an eye on your surroundings. You don’t want to come face to foot, so to speak with a hungry alligator as you relax in this summer heat on the banks of Sykes Mill creek.

Between Friends there is a close bond, and through this column I feel I have a close bond with several of you readers, although we have never met publicly. I thank you for the many emails, calls, and cards expressing your appreciation for the column and your concerns for my health. I cherish each one. Keep praying for Gene and me.

Get Well Wishes

Prayers and get well wishes are with Sue Kelly in the Phoebe Putney hospital in Albany. It is reported that she has a serious illness. Sue has many friends in the Climax community, including this reporter; and we ask for God’s Blessings on her and the family.

Sympathy prayers and deepest sympathy are with the family of Billy Sloan during their loss. Billy was a friend to many in Climax and will be missed.