Plaques are nice addition to park

Published 5:21 am Friday, July 12, 2013

Visitors to J.D. Chason Park in Bainbridge can now learn about the area’s history during the Seminole Indian Wars.

Last week, four information plaques were installed at the park in downtown Bainbridge. These plaques contain text and graphics about the Seminole Indian Wars, which included several battles in Decatur County. Even Chason Park itself is on the site of Fort Hughes, a military fort that played a role in the wars.

The plaques were funded by grants from state agencies and private donations, with county employees completing the installation. They also feature QR Codes that can be scanned by a smartphone, calling up even more information about the wars and the history of our area.

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We encourage citizens to visit Chason Park and view these new plaques to learn about the history of our area and its people. Please don’t deface the plaques and let’s leave them in nice shape for many more visitors to enjoy.