Democrats need ‘low-information’ voters

Published 4:58 am Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Powerful Senate and House Democrats do not really want to raise people out of poverty. Their success is to have a never-ending flow of poor people voters, people who believe they cannot make it on their own. They need a big daddy government to reward them with free stuff in exchange for their vote.

Low information voters are the Democratic Party’s key to voter-controlled elections. It is time we all admit to this. Democrats believe that big government knows best and must protect you from yourself. It works! It gets Democrats elected and helps them stay elected.

Democrats need poor people so bad they have to import them! I suspect the border will never be secure. As long as Democrats control the Senate there will never be a completed fence! A fence stops new Democrat voters from coming over to join the millions of potential Democrat voters illegally in the country now! Let’s get real about what has been going on since 1986. There is no congressional will to stop it!

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You can be assured that low-information voters will continue to vote to keep the Democratic Party in control and spending taxpayer money to their benefit. Freedom and personal responsibility is a hard sell for the Republicans and the Tea Party.

Guy Barber