Passing local bid preference was smart move

Published 7:34 am Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We congratulate the Bainbridge City Council for voting Tuesday to adopt an ordinance that will give preference to local merchants in the bid process for goods and services purchased by the city of Bainbridge.

The ordinance would allow a local vendor to match a low bidder, if the local bidder’s offer is within 2 percent of the lowest bid. If the local bidder chooses not to match the lowest bid, then it would be awarded to the original low bidder.

We believe this is an important move for our local government to make. Economic studies have repeatedly shown that every dollar spent locally turns over seven to eight times, providing a significant boost to the economy. If the city purchases something from a bidder miles and miles away, then there is no economic impact to Decatur County.

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Certainly, it is important to keep the bidding process fair and unbiased. This arrangement will keep that fairness in place. Local bidders will not know the bids of other competing merchants until the bids are opened; however, if they come close to an outside vendor, they will then have the opportunity to match.

This was a very progressive move for the city council to make, and we congratulate them for their vote.