Willis Park was fine before

Published 6:20 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I read with interest Brennan Leathers’ article on the Willis Park facelift! I won’t quote his whole article, but noted with interest, that this facelift is a so-called “Willis Park Wow!”

I want to add my “Wow, what a disgrace,” that our once beautiful park looks so dreadful! I hope we didn’t pay too much for this mess, as it is an eyesore! The few people in town couldn’t even walk across the grass while looking for the farmers market sellers! What happened to them? They are the reason we went to the first of the month market!

One old-timer even mentioned that at one time people could put down a blanket and enjoy music on the square? I don’t see that happening as there isn’t any room to sit. Also, the weeds growing amongst the weedy looking plants are going to be a real chore for someone!

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Why mess with something that ain’t broke and spend money that we ain’t got? Who did you do this for? Out of towners? I can’t imagine that this is going to bring people rushing to our area. Maybe the market would, if it was promoted to local farmers, and other vendors. There doesn’t seem to be much room for them now. So sad, so sad …

Barbara P. Snell