Try reading these hidden emails from famous fathers

Published 6:19 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I like to be relevant with this column, and this week that desire brought a dilemma. Should I concentrate on the upcoming and great holiday of Father’s Day or should I write about the recent scandal out of Washington regarding the surveillance of the National Security Agency?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a secret treasure trove of hidden emails from famous fathers. I share a few with you today and feel that both Father’s Day and the subject of hidden information is satisfied.

The first father in the Bible was Adam and you might be surprised that he had written an email to his wife that has just been discovered.

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“Darling Eve, I have been observing the boys and am a little concerned about our eldest son’s developing attitude toward his brother. It may be worthy of keeping an eye on.”

Another Old Testament father was David. He had many wives and children. Here is an email he wrote to Bathsheba.

“Sheba, this son of ours, Solomon, is becoming quite a ‘wisenheimer.’ Thinks he knows it all! May have to take him down a notch or two.”

Many wives and children bring to mind the most recent example of “Fatherhood Gone Wild.” Orlando Shaw lives in Nashville, Tenn., and is only 33 years old, yet has fathered 22 kids by 14 different mothers.

Unfortunately he is no Warren Buffett and cannot afford one, much less 22. Here is an email from Shaw.

“Now who are you and which one did you come from? Oh, I love you!”

One of our most famous fathers these days is our president. Mr. Obama has two beautiful children and, from all indications, is a very good father. These days, however, Sasha and Malia have sensed a preoccupied daddy. So he emailed them.

“Girls, you asked what I wanted for Father’s Day. How about a new Attorney General? Eric Holder is starting to wear a little thin.”

Benjamin Spock was known, famously, as the “father of modern parenting” and is said to have, singlehandedly, changed the way we raise children. He sold 50 million copies of his book about parenting, but a little known email to his first wife revealed an exasperated father.

“Jane, dear, don’t ever leave me alone with these boys again! I had one nerve left and they got all over it!”

These emails that, until my discovery had remained unknown, might be challenging for some. For instance, the email that my own father sent to my mother after my birth could be surprising to my brother and sister.

“Nannette, I think our quest for the perfect child is over.” Brother and sister, I will admit that I made that one up.

Finally, I get to the greatest email of all and it was sent by the greatest Father of all. He even associated a couple of numbers with this one.

“Dear children, I love you so much that I have sent to you my only Son. Believe in Him and you will not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone.