EMS personnel acted admirably

Published 6:22 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I commend [Decatur County EMS] paramedics Nadine Brown and Mark Hall for living the motto: “Where compassion meets action.” They exhibited a high level of professionalism and non-anxious demeanor, responding to an emergency on June 2 at St. John’s Episcopal Church during our service of Holy Communion. The depth of gratitude I feel for how they comported themselves during our worship is profound.

The congregation had just started coming to the altar when I saw the doors of the church open, the EMS vehicle’s lights flashing and the paramedics enter with their equipment. It is a small church, yet I heard no sound. They seemed keenly aware of what we were doing and quietly, respectfully handled their work to assess the person for whom the call was made. They did, as your mission statement says, “serve … with care, compassion, dignity and respect …”

I thank and praise God for their grace-filled work.

Rev. Marcia O. McRae

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