Why not a sales tax?

Published 5:08 am Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Decatur County Board of Commissioners:

Why is it every time the county falls short, the property owners of Decatur County have to make up the difference with increased property taxes? Why can’t we pass a one-cent sales tax, so that everyone could help support our county?

I know everyone says, “I pay enough taxes,” but we wouldn’t be the only ones paying. Every person who passes through our county and stops and gets gas, food, etc., would be helping us to catch up in our county’s shortfall, and then some.

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How many of us go to Dothan or Tallahassee to go shopping or out to eat? When you go to Dothan, do you realize you are paying presently 9 percent sales tax? In Tallahassee, you are paying 7.5 percent sales tax in some parts of town and 8 percent in others.

Please, commissioners, consider other alternatives to overcome our shortfalls, other than raising property taxes. With a one-cent sales tax increase everyone can help our county.

Marcella Webster,