Arrests and Citations

Published 5:24 am Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between May 3, 2013, and May 7, 2013, have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

• Jamichael Terrell Allen, 30, 1448 Drane Smith Road, Bainbridge, probation violation, o/c criminal damage to property, SO;

• Alfred Joseph Bevens, 38, U.S. 84 E. Campus Colony, Bainbridge, DUI alcohol/driving while license suspended or revoked, reckless conduct (misd.) GSP;

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• Wanda Renee Bivins, 34, 1020 Anderson St., Bainbridge, DUI/drugs, giving false information or false name, driving without license on person, possession of marijuana, GSP;

• Tevin Terrell Gaines, 19, 108 Dupree St., Bainbridge, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of white chalky substance in a clear bag, open container, crossing guardlines with drugs, GSP;

• Jerry Len Moore Jr., 32, Havana, Fla. DUI/alcohol, possession of cocaine, open container, driving without license, GSP;

• Robert Michael Stephens, 30, 127 Riverview Drive, Bainbridge, DUI/alcohol, GSP;

• Terry Terrell Willis, 26, Cairo, Ga., driving while license suspended or revoked, child restraint law child seat, open container, GSP;

• Steven Scott King, 50, 1501 E. Broughton St., Bainbridge, driving with suspended or revoked license, BPS;

• Caleb Roman Ramirez, 18, 405 Carter St., Bainbridge, possession of marijuana (misd.), BPS;

• Denise Taylor, 44, 2170 Butler Ferry Road, Bainbridge, driving while license withdrawn, approaching authorized emergency vehicle, move over law, BPS;

• Terrance Dewayne Keaton, 18, 608 Washington St., Bainbridge, driving with no license on person, driving while license withdrawn, BPS;

• Briana Monique Wade, 18, 103 Adams Drive, Bainbridge, DUI, driving while tag is suspended (1st), possession of alcohol by minor, BPS;

• Hayes William Bell, 26, 1902 Forest Lane, Bainbridge, Deposit account fraud, SO;

• Kenny Michael Martinez, 27, 3419 Thomasville Road, Climax, probation violation, o/c DUI (2nd), SO;

• John Shannon Merritt, 40, 114 Asphalt Plant Road, Bainbridge, Driving while license suspended or revoked, SO.