Recent DNR Reports

Published 3:19 am Friday, April 26, 2013

The following incidents were reported by Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ law enforcement officers, occurring between March 31 to April 13.

Decatur County
On April 4, Cpl. Mike Binion and Ranger Jace Heard responded to a boat incident on Lake Seminole. The operator and passenger received minor injuries following a collision with a tree. No charges were filed in this incident.

Lake Walter F. George
Cpl. Scott Carroll and RFC Jim Atchley conducted an overnight boat patrol checking crappie fishermen. During the patrol they issued four citations for fishing without a license, one for possession over the daily limit, and two for operating a vessel at night without lights. Seventy-five crappies were confiscated and donated to charity.
RFC Atchley conducted another patrol soon after the first. Six fishermen were cited for over the limit and 258 crappies were confiscated and donated to charity.

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