Not happy with graduation decision

Published 7:33 am Friday, March 29, 2013

I wish to express my extreme displeasure in the decision to have graduation in the high-school gym, and possibly limiting attendance to eight attendees per graduate. This decision was made by the school board, with no consideration from the school administration, faculty, students or parents.

It has been a tradition and honor for students to march across Centennial Field for more than 50 years. This decision not only breaks tradition, but it also places students and parents in the difficult position of having to leave out family members that wish to take part in the graduate’s momentous occasion.

During the baccalaureate service in 2012, the sound system was so distorted that the graduates’ names were not able to be understood. I am asking all parents of the graduates of 2013 to contact your school board representative and voice your opinion.

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Amy Phillips