I always truly enjoyed my family’s Easter season traditions

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like most families, my family had several holidays where we had annual traditions. There was always the large Thanksgiving meal, and the making of Christmas cookies in December, among others. However, I think my favorite family holiday was Easter.

Easter was easily the most beautiful time of the year, no matter where we lived. When we were living in Iowa, it was the time when the winter chill was finally moving out and the cool spring breezes were coming in. When we were down South, it was a time when it was warm outside, but not so hot that you had to wear suntan lotion. And considering I inherited fine skin from my mother’s side of the family, I had to wear a lot of suntan lotion in order to enjoy the hotter summer months.

I also enjoyed some of the traditions that we would do every year. Probably one of the most important was dying Easter eggs. I remember my brother, my sister, and I sitting around the table, peering anxiously at the little bowls of colored egg dye and wondering if it tasted like Kool-Aid. Thankfully, I don’t believe any of us actually experimented to try the flavor.

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I remember the little white wax crayon, which seemed to work like magic. We would write words on the egg and they would appear “invisible” at first, at least until we dipped them in the colored dye and they came out again with the writing showing up in bright white. Of course, since we couldn’t exactly see what we were writing on the eggshell, sometimes the writing wasn’t always the most straight or legible.

The best part of dying the eggs, of course, was finally getting a chance to eat one or two at the end. I’m pretty sure that the three Schuver children’s love of hard-boiled eggs helped single-handedly keep the Lawry’s Seasoned Salt company in business for the rest of the year.

Sunday itself was also a day of tradition. Being Catholic, we always gave up something during Lent, and it usually was candy and sodas. Therefore, it was extra exciting to wake up in the morning and see an Easter basket full of toys and candy waiting for us on the dining room table. Of course, we couldn’t touch them until church was over — we still had our priorities in order, after all.

Unfortunately, I won’t get to celebrate Easter with my family this year. However, they were able to come earlier in March to see me perform in Oliver!, so that helps soften the blow. I hope that you and your families enjoy the mild spring weather, celebrate your own special traditions, and enjoy a happy Easter season.