Local firm’s product goes national

Published 5:39 pm Friday, March 22, 2013

Colleges and universities across the United States are using the software of a Bainbridge company to help them to comply with NCAA rules.

The Taylor Group is a Bainbridge company founded by local businessmen Mike Conder and Greg Guy, and serves as an umbrella for several smaller companies that offer Web-based learning and training products.

One of those companies, Pro Tech, has developed software that provides individual-based training on NCAA rules for a college’s student-athletes, coaches and staff. It’s training required by the NCAA for everyone involved. Traditionally, those rules education has done through large, in-person meetings.

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Pro Tech’s software allows schools’ NCAA compliance departments to offer that training for participants to take on their schedule, engage them more directly and measure their retention of the information.

Pro Tech has been offering the software for approximately a year and already has 14 customers, including The Ohio State University, Guy said. The software can provide rules training for all athletes, not just for the highly competitive sport of college football.

The company expects to grow its client base significantly within the next year, thanks mostly in part to its partnership with Jump Forward, a nationally-known software company. Founded in 2007, Jump Forward is the leading provider of recruiting and compliance solutions for collegiate athletic departments. More than 40,000 users and 100 NCAA schools use Jump Forward’s products.

To find out more about The Taylor Group’s products, visit its web site at www.the-taylorgroup.com or athleticadvantage.us.
Jump Forward’s web site is www.jumpforward.com.