Arrests and Citations

Published 6:12 am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between March 14 and March 19, 2013, have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

• Donald Alexander, 48, 1011 Albany Road, Bainbridge, DUI (1st), seatbelt violation, BPS;

• Beverly Lynn Bowers, 43, 2550 E. Shotwell St., Lot 21, Bainbridge, simple battery, disorderly conduct, BPS;

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• Alexia Lashon Duvall, 29, Colquitt, Ga., theft by shoplifting (1st), BPS;

• Ira Lee Florence, 64, 1026 5th Ave., Bainbridge, driving without license, BPS;

• Angel Leshorn James, 19, 1220 MLK Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, fighting in public place (affray), BPS;

• Freddy J. McCray, 48, 1022 5th Ave., Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;

• James Logan Moran, 20, 2225 Dothan Road, Lot 1, Bainbridge, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, driving while license withdrawn, leaving the scene of accident, speeding (24-33 over) possession of marijuana (misd.), BPS;

• Margaret Tynease Pate, 21, 1220 MLK Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, fighting in public pace (affray) probation violation, BPS;

• Lorne Parrish Ross, 27, 1047 Wisteria Drive, Bainbridge, possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Camaron Ashlee Slade, 22, Summerfield, Fla., disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Lamar Stevenson, 26, Colquitt, Ga., failure to drive within single lane, possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., BPS;

• Chadwick Aaron Jones, 41, 733 W. College St., Bainbridge, unlawful possession of pseudoephedrine, criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamine, BPS;

• Stacey Denise Tucker, 38, Albany, Ga., 38, probation violation, o/c forgery in first degree, SO;

• Robert Lee Ware, 23, Colquitt, Ga., furnishing prohibited items to inmate, SO;

• Laquisha Nicole Jones, 20, 1122 Wisteria Drive, Bainbridge, simple battery, BPS;

• Reginald Lew Bush, 1600 Liz Felty Lane, Bainbridge, DUI, speeding (11-14 miles over), BPS;

• Brenda Johnson, 49, 1707 Stinson St., Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Joel Alexander Chrispen, 41, Donasonville, Ga., failure to appear, o/c DUI, SO;

• Jason Terrence McCormick, 34, 120 Boyd Road, Brinson, failure to maintain lane, driving while license suspended, DUI/alcohol, SO;

• Francisco Rivera, 33, 294 Seven Bridges Road, Bainbridge, driving without license, DUI/alcohol/drugs, GSP;

• Kearsley Keshawn Smith, 20, 1204 Troupe St., Bainbridge, DUI\drugs\alcohol, GSP;

• William Paul Storey, 34, Monticello, Fla., DUI alcohol/drugs, possession of marijuana (misd), reckless conduct (misd), speeding, standards for brake lights and signal devices, GSP;

• Guillermo Cumpero Vazquez, 41, Cairo, Ga., DUI alcohol/drugs, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, driving without license, open container, expired vehicle tag, GSP.