Climax City Council holds March 11 meeting

Published 8:55 am Friday, March 15, 2013


Climax Correspondent

At the Feb. 11 Climax City Council meeting, Grace Cooper addressed the council, requesting a business license for operating a cell phone business. At that time, a motion passed to allow Cooper to have a business license for the purpose of selling cell phones, once the lot was cleaned and inspected by police officer John Presilla.

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Cooper was again scheduled to address the council at the Monday, March 11, meeting, but she was not in the building or available at the scheduled time for public comments and discussions. Instead, Cooper appeared as the council meeting was almost over.

Mayor Charles Hadsock told Cooper that she had not been present at the scheduled time for public comments, but he informed her that before the city could issue her a business license for the lot where she wished to open her business for cell phone sales, the lot would have to be cleaned up and a building located on the property.

Hadsock also stated that water/garbage account would have to be set up, and if the property had never been set up in the city then a tap-on fee of $250 and a deposit of $75 would have to be paid. Hadsock asked maintenance man Greg Toole to check and see if a meter was on the property; if so, Cooper would not have to pay the connection fee.

He also stated that police officer John Presilla would have to come and inspect the property. Cooper stated that she did not want Presilla on her property. Hadsock tried to explain that it was Presilla’s job to do all inspections. Cooper then stated that she would go over Hadsock’s head to have the inspection done. Hadsock told Cooper to do whatever she felt she needed to do.

Standing committee reports

Councilwoman Gwen Wingate reported a hole being on New Street near the house of Jerry Heard. While this is a problem, Hadsock stated that the city did not have the funds to fix this at the present time, but he asked maintenance supervisor Greg Toole to go by and see if there could be something done to help the situation until funds were available.

Councilman Robert Jones reported that everything looked good after the water project was done except for the settling of the dirt. But in time he said this too would take care of itself.

Councilman Robert Thomas stated that the walking park (Parker Park) still needed some repairs.

Police department

Officer John Presilla reported that fines and fees total for the month of March was $4,000, and last months was around $5,000. Presilla will be attending chief school from March 17 through March 28.

Maintenance department

Maintenance supervisor Greg Toole gave a report on the day to day operations of the city. He said inmates were still working on painting around town and pressure-washing the depot. Toole also reported that he had contacted Little River Contractors, Inc., about Mr. Wrays driveway. There had been some settling from where work was done for the water system project and it has caused his driveway to sink down, Toole said.

Old business

Public hearing — Hadsock gave an update on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project. There will be a public meeting/hearing at 7 p.m., April 8, just before the regular council meeting to close the project out. An announcement will be in The Post-Searchlight, and at City Hall.

Some corrections have been made to the employees’ handbook and those corrections will be presented for approval at the next council meeting.

New business

Bill Powell will be coming from the Georgia Water Association to meet with Hadsock and the council. Powell works with wastewater rate analysis.


Reporter’s note: Thanks to City Clerk Karen Toole for her assistance with this article.