Profile subjects have positive message

Published 6:18 am Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inside today’s edition of The Post-Searchlight is our annual Profile section. Like past years, this section is full of nothing but feel-good stories about people in our community. However, this year there is a special theme to all of these stories. They are all about “people who serve.”

Service is something that has a lot of different meanings. Service can mean military service, or community service, or ministerial service, or much more. We realize that we can’t possibly tell the story of every person who serves in our community, but we hope that this Profile section shows the range of people who serve — people of all ages, races, creeds, professions and genders.

We also hope that their stories inspire you to go out and find a way to serve as well. We all have unique talents and skills that we can bring. Even if you feel like, “There’s no way I can mentor to children” or “I can’t possibly minister to people in prison,” there are many other ways to serve that are no less important. You can visit people in a nursing home, or help a church with a repainting project, or even just pick up litter when you’re walking around downtown.

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We can all make a small difference, and together it can make a big difference. That’s what this year’s Profile is all about. Thanks for reading.