2 charged after drugs found

Published 2:39 pm Friday, February 22, 2013

Markeith Chrispen

Markeith Chrispen

Shawn Green

Shawn Green

Bainbridge Public Safety arrested two men Thursday, after finding marijuana and cocaine in the Cadillac they were sitting on.

BPS investigators Mark Esquivel, Anthony Stubbs and Ryan Deen were patrolling around Bainbridge when they received information about people with marijuana outside the Hutto-McIver Apartments on MLK Jr. Drive, according to a BPS incident report.

The investigators saw two men sitting on a silver Cadillac in the apartments’ parking lot. While talking with the men, Esquivel looked in the car’s windows and saw a honey bun box on the driver’s side floorboard.

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“Just looking at it, you could tell there was a big plastic bag stuffed inside the honey bun box,” Esquivel said Friday. “In the driver’s console, there a pill bottle will its label removed that looked suspicious.”

Esquivel contacted Sgt. Jason Williams of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, who is partnered with a drug-detecting dog named Bella.

Sgt. Williams let Bella walk around the Cadillac and she alerted to the possible presence of illegal drugs inside the car, Esquivel said.

Officers then patted down the two men — identified as Markeith Chrispen, 21, of 1112 Victor Street, Bainbridge, and Shawn Sharod Green, 27, of 803 Redwine Drive, Bainbridge. In Green’s back pants pocket were 25 small plastic bags containing suspected marijuana. Chrispen had 15-20 small plastic bags containing suspected marijuana on his person.

The Cadillac was then searched. Inside the honey bun box Esquivel had noticed, officers found more than 32 plastic bags of varying size containing suspected marijuana. The pill bottle had suspected crack cocaine in it.

Both Green and Chrispen were arrested and charged with the following crimes: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a housing project and possession of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a housing project.