It pays to pay attention to little details

Published 6:11 am Friday, February 15, 2013


Donalsonville Assembly of God

I suppose that overlooking things is just something wired into the way we men function. Recently, when I learned that one of the ladies in the office had misplaced her car key, I joined in the search. I tried to check every place I could think of, in hopes of locating her keys. I even looked in the kitchen trash can, but that was both disgusting and fruitless. But thankfully in a few minutes one of the ladies found the keys in a rather obvious location — within a few feet of where I had searched.

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On Valentine’s Day, as Gale and I were riding to our tax appointment, she asked me if I had found the gift that she had left for me on the bed. She seemed a bit puzzled when I responded to the negative. She had put it in an easy place for me to spot and it had been there all day. I had been in and out of the room throughout the day and had come very close to where she had placed her lovely card and gift, but I never saw it.

Sometimes we miss out on what really deserves attention, because we concentrate too much on things of lesser importance, and we become so caught up in the busy-ness of lifestyles that move us far too fast that we miss out on many of the most precious moments in life. If we would discipline ourselves to slow down enough to see and hear some of the finer details of life we would be the wiser and more fulfilled for it.

A few weeks ago, when the students in Gale’s pre-k class underwent eyesight screening, we were a bit surprised to learn that Madeline did not do so well. Taking the advice of those who screened her 4-year-old, Madeline’s mother promptly had the child’s eyes examined by an optometrist, who confirmed what the eye screening had suspected. Glasses were prescribed and ordered. When her new eyeglasses came in in a few days she made an interesting comment to her mother as they walked together: “I see the bird!” After her problem was discovered and corrective actions taken Madeline was able to see more clearly some things that had been distorted to her in the past. (I only hope those glasses do not leave her disappointed when she sees what Papa really looks like!)

As Christ was teaching His followers, He told them to “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26, New International Version). No doubt those who listened to Him had seen the birds flying over numerous times, yet chances are good that they had not taken time to really consider what a great reminder of God’s provisions those little fluttering creatures were and what a great lesson it was in trusting God instead of worrying.

Many lessons and much encouragement can be gained by simply paying attention to what appears to be only little details. When we allow God to correct our spiritual vision and get us focused on the right things in life there is much that can be seen more clearly, understood more fully, and appreciated more deeply.