Recent DNR Law Enforcement Reports

Published 5:57 am Monday, February 4, 2013

Wildlife rangers in southwest Georgia reported the following incidents for the week of Jan. 20 to Jan. 27:

Region V- Albany (Southwest)


Seminole County

On Jan. 25, Sgt. Rick Sellars and Cpl. Mike Binion responded to a boat incident which occurred when a vessel transporting three duck hunters capsized. The subjects were found on top of the overturned vessel and were returned safely to shore.

On Jan. 26, Sgt. Rick Sellars, Cpl. Mike Binion, Ranger Jace Heard, and Captain Jeff Swift investigated a complaint of subjects hunting ducks over bait. Sellars checked the pond and found it to be baited with milo. Thirteen hunters were cited for hunting waterfowl over bait.

On January 27th, RFC Tony Cox and Ranger Jace Heard located a baited duck pond being shot. Six hunters were charged for hunting waterfowl over bait and various license violations.


Clay County

On January 25th, Ranger Jim Atchley apprehended a subject fishing three gill nets totaling 400 feet in length on Lake Walter F. George. The nets and fish were confiscated and the subject was cited for commercial fishing in closed waters, commercial fishing without a license, taking game fish by illegal method, and operating a vessel without lights.

On January 26th, Ranger Jim Atchley received a complaint of four subjects driving through rafts of ducks and coots and shooting them from a power boat. The subjects were located and issued citations for hunting from a vessel and warnings for wanton waste of migratory game birds.