BPS finds suspected dogfighting setup

Published 12:18 pm Sunday, January 20, 2013

DOGS CONFISCATED: Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Bryan Boyett observes a pit bull tethered to a tree by a chain. The pit bull was one of more than 40 dogs confiscated as part of an apparent dogfighting operation uncovered by BPS officers on Saturday afternoon.

Bainbridge Public Safety is investigating a potential dog fighting ring that was first discovered Saturday, Jan. 19.

At about 3:30 p.m., BPS Sgt. David Cutchin was patrolling on Columbia Street when he noticed a large number of dogs located behind a home at 702 Columbia St. Several were tethered to posts and trees, in violation of the city’s animal ordinance. Cutchin began looking at the animals — 25 altogether, including nine puppies — and noticed some were bleeding and many were malnourished.

Upon further investigation, Cutchin discovered a residence located behind the one on Columbia Street — 605 Love St. — where 15 more pit bull dogs were located. Both residences showed signs of suspected dog fighting, according to BPS officials.

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More than 40 dogs were retrieved from the two residences. A veterinarian is currently evaluating each dog’s condition and the dogs are being cared for at the Bainbridge Animal Shelter.

BPS’s Criminal Investigation Division is investigating and determining charges. Arrests are pending.