Recent DNR Reports

Published 3:50 am Friday, January 11, 2013

Wildlife rangers in southwest Georgia reported the following incidents for the week of Dec. 15-29:


Decatur County

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On Dec. 21, Ranger First Class Tony Cox, Ranger Jace Heard, and Sgt. Rick Sellars where conducting patrols, when one of the rangers located a duck pond that was being hunted well after the legal shooting hours. Ten hunters were cited for 16 violations, including hunting waterfowl after legal hours and hunting without licenses or duck stamps.

On Dec. 27, RFC Tony Cox conducted a waterfowl patrol on Lake Seminole, where he encountered and cited a subject for taking more than the limit of waterfowl, and confiscated 30 coots and gallinules.


Grady County

On Dec. 27, RFC Tony Cox and Ranger Jace Heard completed an investigation on a subject that was confronted by a land owner while hunting deer at night. Warrants were taken for the poacher for hunting deer at night, hunting from a public road, hunting from a vehicle, and hunting without permission.

On Dec. 29, Sgt. Rick Sellars and Cpl. Mike Binion were conducting a concentrated patrol to address night hunting complaints when Binion stopped a vehicle after observing the occupants actively night hunting. Two subjects were arrested and cited for hunting deer at night, hunting from a public road, and hunting from a vehicle.