Arrests for Dec. 21 through Dec. 28

Published 5:01 pm Friday, December 28, 2012

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between Dec. 21 and Dec. 28, have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

• Haley Brook Baty, 18, 207 Country Club Road, Bainbridge, probation violation, o/c shoplifting, BPS;

• Devin J. Brown, 21, 3048 Vada Road, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;

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• James Edwards Brown, 56, 1023 Helen St., Bainbridge, DUI, disregard stop sign, BPS;

• Kizzie Brown, 35, 2165 Butler Ferry Road, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Rafael Corpus, 27, 114 Screen St., Bainbridge, failure to obey traffic control device, driving with suspended license, BPS;

• Luis Ernedes, 23, 2292 Dothan Road, Bainbridge, driving without license, failure to stop for stop sign, BPS;

• Eldrick Tyrone Jacobs, 47, 131 Burns Road, Bainbridge, DUI, open container in vehicle, failure to stop for stop sign, BPS;

• Daron Jones, 21, 251 Fluitt Road, Attapulgus, tag light illumination required, DUI, 1st offense, BPS;

• Leon Keaton Jr., 29, 111 Morgan St., Bainbridge, driving while license canceled, possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz.) adult restraint law seat belt, BPS;

• Montrez Lejym Kelly, 22, Colquitt, Ga., theft by shoplifting (1st), BPS;

• Dolores G. Lopez, 26, 3211 Old Whigham Road, Bainbridge, driving without license, BPS;

• Ezekiel Rapheal Ousley, 21, 851 MLK Jr. Drive, Apt 9-E, Bainbridge, adult restraint law seat belt, possession of marijuana (misd.) BPS;

• Kelly Dee Poitevent, 23, 1501 Vada Road, Bainbridge, open container in vehicle, failure to drive within single lane, following too close, DUI, BPS;

• Napolean Jarrod Sheffield, 21, 177 Aryola Drive, Bainbridge, financial transaction card fraud, BPS;

• Brandon Snell, 26, 110 E. College St., Bainbridge, financial transaction card theft, financial transaction card fraud, obstruction of an officer (misd.), BPS;

• Jared Blanton Walker, 30, Cairo, Ga., DUI (1st), violation of window tint law, open container in vehicle, BPS;

• Taneisha Katrece West, 19, 851 MLK Jr. Drive, Apt. 3A, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Marlon Bell, 54, Havana, Fla., failure to appear, o/c DUI, refusal, SO;

• Christopher Lane Graham, 18, 128 Rich Road, Bainbridge, obstruction of an officer (misd.), disorderly conduct, simple battery (family violence) SO;

• Charles Edward Homer, 46, 2523 Spring Creek Road, Bainbridge, possession of drug related object, possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz.) SO;

• Ronald Dewayne James, 44, 115 Alice Lane, Attapulgus, following too closely, DUI, drugs/alcohol, reckless conduct (misd), tire requirements, GSP;

• Terrance Dewayne Keaton Jr., 18, 608 S. Washington St., Bainbridge, possession of marijuana (misd.), SO;

• Keith Bernard Rosembert, 28, 906 Sharpe St., Bainbridge, contempt of court (child support), SO;

• Lougenia Scott, 32, Tallahassee, Fla., driving with suspended license, GSP;

• Darryl Anthony Spikes Jr., 30, 106 Dupree St., Bainbridge, contempt of court, (child support), SO;

• Stantonio Dionta Thomas, 22, 690 E. Griffin Ave., Attapulgus, failure to maintain lane, driving with suspended license (2nd), duty to report accident resulting in injury, damage, etc., DUI alcohol (2nd), GSP;

• Darious Gerald Thornton, 19, 198 Earl Hester Road, Bainbridge, DUI (1st), failure to maintain lane, SO;

• Dexter Fernandez Williford, 28, 1424 Stinson St., Bainbridge, sale of cocaine, sale of marijuana/cocaine, probation violation, o/c possession of cocaine, failure to appear, o/c sale of marijuana/cocaine, BPS;

• Ulysses Brown, 42, 1320 Fourth St., Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;

• Catrina Denise James, 32, Blakely, Ga., failure to appear, BPS;

• Bobby Jackson Sellars, 39, 1101 Hwy. 93 Pelham Road, Bainbridge, criminal attempt to manufacture meth, BPS;

• Derrick Lamar Jenkins, 23, 4437 Fowlstown Road Bainbridge, failure to appear (2 cts.) probation violation, o/c possession of cocaine, giving false information or name, BPS;

• Willie John Wimberly, 54, 209 Martin Ave., Bainbridge, deposit account fraud (2 cts.), probation violation, o/c DUI, BPS.