Keep Christmas in your heart all year

Published 8:20 am Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The date on this editorial is Wednesday, Dec. 26, one day after another beautiful Christmas Day. It would certainly be easy to take all that generosity and kindness and pack it away for another year, like we do with the Christmas lights and other decorations.

However, we hope that our readers will keep the Christmas spirit in their minds and hearts all throughout the rest of the year, and not just wait for December 2013 to roll around again. It was wonderful to see the giving hearts contribute to local toy drives, and canned food drives, and visits to nursing homes, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if that kindness was also seen in the other 11 months of the year?

There’s no doubt that charitable giving increases during Christmas time, and we’re certainly not complaining about it. However, we’d also love to see that same spirit of love and charity continue throughout the rest of the year. Let’s all make that our first new year’s resolution of 2013.

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Enjoy the rest of your holiday season and have a happy new year.