I’ve always loved the music of the Christmas season

Published 8:11 am Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is the re-emergence of Christmas music. I know that some find tunes like “White Christmas” or “Jingle Bell Rock” to be annoying, over-played, or hackneyed, but I love just about all of it.

I really enjoy the fact that there’s something for just about anyone, when it comes to Christmas music. For the traditionalist, you can listen to the old standby hymns like “O Come All Ye Faithful” or “Silent Night.” If you’re a fan of more contemporary styles, there’s always “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” or “Last Christmas.” And if you like songs with a message, there’s “Angels Among Us” or “The Christmas Shoes.”

I also like how Christmas music can cover just about every theme and message of the season. Of course, there’s the importance of Jesus Christ, but there’s also songs about family, giving to those in need, and being in a cheerful mood. I would think that even the hardest-hearted of Scrooges would have little disgust with these positive messages.

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I also love the more classical instrumental Christmas songs, such as Pachelbel’s Canon or “Candle in the Window” from the Home Alone soundtrack. I can think of few happier memories than being a young kid, cuddled up by the fire with a glass of hot cocoa, listening to my parents’ Christmas music casette tapes with these beautiful melodies. We also had a videocasette tape of Christmas carols with Disney cartoons, and I know we wore that tape out to its limit.

When I started taking guitar lessons in sixth grade, I remember that one of the first things that I wanted to learn was Christmas music. It was always fun to play my guitar for my family while we all sang the carols, but the most special time was when I got the chance to play with my grandfather (also a guitar player) as well. Unlike most of the kids in my class, I even enjoyed performing in our school’s goofy Christmas pageants and singing songs like “Angels and Lambs, Ladybugs and Fireflies,” and even “Jeremiah Was a Prophet” (Yes, based on the Three Dog Night song with the lyrics “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…”).

I’m happy that the music of the holiday season is back in vogue, again.

Let’s all “Deck The Halls” and “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,” even if we might not have to worry about saying “Let It Snow.”