Juvenile arrested after fighting with officers

Published 6:09 pm Friday, November 16, 2012

A juvenile attending the Pathways alternative school on Martin Street was detained by law enforcement officials, after he fought with and cursed at a school resource officer on Tuesday afternoon, according to a Bainbridge Public Safety incident report.

Shortly after 3 p.m., School Resource Officer Travis Martin was called to give the juvenile a ride home from Pathways, after he had been in some trouble at school.

Martin stated that, after taking the juvenile home, the juvenile began cursing at him and began to struggle. BPS Officer Demetric Stubbs arrived and attempted to speak with the juvenile, who was sitting in the rear of Martin’s patrol car with handcuffs on. The juvenile continued to curse and threaten officers.

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A Juvenile Justice Officer arrived and reportedly advised officers to release the youth to his mother. After being released, the juvenile “began kicking chairs and throwing objects off the porch.”

“The juvenile went into the front door of the residence and returned from the back of the residence with two kitchen knives in hand,” Stubbs’ incident report stated.

The juvenile began approaching two school resource officers and two BPS officers, who ordered him to drop the knives. After he did not comply, the youth’s mother ran over to him and took the knives away.

The juvenile was ordered to the ground by officers and finally, the juvenile did so and was placed into handcuffs. He was transported to BPS headquarters to be detained. The juvenile will have pending charges filed by the school resource officers, according to the incident report.