Whooping cranes won’t visit Climax this year

Published 5:35 am Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SMALL FLOCK THIS YEAR: Only six birds are in this year’s 2012 migration. It will stop in St. Marks, Fla.


Climax Correspondent

According to Jack Jones, the former property owner near Climax where the whooping cranes stopped over and rested each year, there will be no cranes coming this year.

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One reason is that Jones sold the property, and now a herd of around 400 cows occupy the landing site and surrounding area where the birds stayed over. Jones said the new owner did not want his cows to be moved for the birds.

According to information obtained for the 2012 field operation migration by Liz Condee, this year’s migration of only six birds will only be going to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), and not to Chassehowitzka NWR near Crystal River, Florida.

NO ROOM FOR BIRDS: Cows now occupy the landing site and pasture, where the whooping cranes once landed and stayed overnight and longer in Climax.

Years before, the flock has been big enough to separate — taking half to St. Marks and half to Crystal River. Condee wrote that another factor is that the weather has not been favorable. Since both places are good habitats for the birds, the operation migration crew stepped out of the decision making process and let the refuge managers make the decision of which refuge to use.

She wrote that they determined the best option for this year was to take all six of the birds to St. Marks, but to maintain the facilities near Crystal River in preparation for next year. One advantage, she said, was it would shorten the migration by a couple of hundred miles and an unknown number of days. However, she said they would “miss seeing all their friends” along the way and in Crystal River.

Friends in Climax will miss seeing the birds arrive and depart the area, and all the excitement of the crews arriving. Maybe the birds will find another favorable site nearby and add it to their migration.

ENJOYING THE AIR: A young whooping crane is shown in flight, over a marsh in Green Lake, Wis.

A tribute to Marge

It is with a sad heart that Climax says goodbye for a little while, until we meet again, to a special lady, known all over Climax as Marge Jones.

Marge and her husband, Bob, moved to Climax several years ago and immediately made a place in the hearts of those their lives touched. Marge was instrumental in making Parker Park what it is today, as she worked hard on that committee to organize the park.

She was one of the Climax “sew and sew” quilters, caring on the tradition of handmade quilts, as the ladies made the designs and quilted the famous Swine Time quilts. Marge was responsible for many of the designs.

She was a past-president of the Climax Community Club and chairperson of the Swine Time festival. She has held several offices in the Climax Golden Agers Club. She worked hard with the Ham and Egg Suppers for the benefit of the Cedar Grove Cemetery, and many other community events.

Even in sickness, one could see Marge out and about doing what she loved best — caring for Climax and its citizens. Whatever was going on in Climax, you can rest assured that a little lady with a strong faith named Marge was involved for the betterment of this community.

She was a faithful member of the Climax United Methodist Church, working on many activities, helping those in need and serving her God with much conviction. She made sure everyone knew she was ready to go home to her God, when He was ready for her.

Marge had a special unique personality and caring heart that endeared her to many. For many, a void will be left that no one but God Himself can fill. To Bob and the children we say, “thank you” for sharing your wife and mother with us for a short while. Marge, we will sorely miss you!