Arrests and Citations

Published 5:58 am Friday, November 2, 2012

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

• Travis Deon Fluitt, 33, 1014 Japonica Drive, Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;

• Raven Symone Harper, 19, 215 Green Shade Road, Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (1st), BPS;

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• Quarmeisha Nashae Loman, 21, 814 Helen St., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (1st), criminal trespass, BPS:

• Cynthia Ann Collier, 55, Greenwood, Fla., theft by shoplifting (1st), BPS;

• Krystal Collier, 27, Donalsonville, Ga., theft by shoplifting, (1st), BPS;

• Dwayne Guy, 43, 826 St. West St., Bainbridge, speeding (11-14 miles over) in school zone, driving while license withdrawn, BPS;

• Clifton Bernard Samuels, 19, 1018 Lord Ave., Bainbridge, indecent exposure (1st) BPS;

• Jamarkus Jermain Baker, 22, 1307 MLK Drive, Bainbridge, failure to appear, possession of marijuana (misd.), BPS:

• Jeffrey Parker, 35, 641 Academy St., Apr. 4, Bainbridge, criminal trespass, BPS;

• Luke Colby Barnard, 24, 264 River Chase Drive, Bainbridge, possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., SO;

• William Lance Birdsong, 38, 389 Hanover Road, Bainbridge, simple battery, SO;

• David Chad Ezell, 32, 140 Smith Landing Road, Bainbridge, possession of Meth, with intent, disorderly conduct, SO;

• William Harris Ezell, 56, 123 Floyd Drive, Bainbridge, possession of meth with intent, sale, distribution, possession of dangerous drugs, hydrocodone, SO;

• Christopher Lane Graham, 17, 128 Rich Road, Bainbridge, criminal trespass, simple battery, simple assault, SO;

• Antonio Jerome Greenlee, 27, Cairo, Ga., theft by taking (misd.), SO;

• Christina Mechelle Mack, 23, Cairo, Ga., deposit account fraud, SO;

• Hildred James Perkins, 33, 178 Slough Loop Road, Bainbridge, cruelty to animals (2nd degree), SO;

• Pilar Santana, 34, Edwards Road, Bainbridge, DUI (2nd), failure to maintain lane, driving without license, failure to appear o/c DUI, no license, open container, failure to maintain lane. SO;

• Willie Earl Banks, 62, Quincy, Fla., driving while license suspended or revoked, SO;

• Richard Kelly Davis, 54, Donalsonville, Ga., failure to appear, o/c DUI, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, fast conditions, SO;

• Curtina Trienise Johnson, 19, 1105 Lake Drive, Apt. 1602, Bainbridge, battery, SO.