Arrests and Citations

Published 5:01 am Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between Oct. 19 and Oct. 23 have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

• Markia Anhoria Howell, 17, 712 Washington St., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (1st), BPS;

• Andrew Jackson, 22, unknown address, Bainbridge, theft of lost or mislaid property, BPS:

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• Roy Edward Harrell, 62, 2050 Tallahassee Highway, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Tony Worlds Sr., 36, 1020 E. Water St., Bainbridge, public drunk, BPS:

• Austin Ray Aguirre, 20, Havana, Fla. contempt of court o/c operating vessel under the influence, SO;

• Hilary Suzanne Crowley, 32, 159 Cairo Road, Bainbridge, theft by taking, SO;

• Efren G. Delatorre, 41, Quincy, Fla, giving false information or name, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to stop at stop sign, affixing license to misrepresent vehicle, SO;

• Mary Ann Gadson, 35, 1711 S. West St., Bainbridge, probation violation o/c deposit account fraud, probation violation (BPS charge), driving while license suspended or revoked, driving while tag is suspended (1st), no insurance, SO;

• Dustin Edward Justice, 21, 137 Lynn Justice Road, Bainbridge, possession of marijuana with intent, probation violation o/c possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, BPS;

• Brian Allen Pugh, 33, 1122 E. Broughton St., Bainbridge, probation violation, o/c DUI (2nd) SO;

• Richard Eldridge Sims Jr., 32, 2332 Dothan Road, Bainbridge, battery/domestic violence, SO;

• Courtney Louise Terry, 19, 308 Riverview Road, Bainbridge, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, BPS;

• Jimmy Lee Williams Jr. 51, 718 Albany Road, Bainbridge, probation violation, o/c forgery in the first degree, lighted headlights required at certain times, probation violation, o/c forgery (1st degree) SO;

• Earl Brown, 51, homeless, Bainbridge, probation violation, o/c larceny, SO;

• O.C. Davis Jr., 37, Belle Glade, Fla., driving while license suspended, or speeding 70/55, SO;

• Michael Andrew McConchie, 27, Tallahassee, Fla., driving while license suspended or no insurance, failure to maintain lane, failure to stop at a stop sign, GSP;

• Juliette Lynell McGriff, 45, Tallahassee, Fla., driving while license suspended or revoked, GSP;

• Derrick Gray, 32, 105 Ryan Court, Lot 2, Bainbridge, reckless conduct (misd.) tag lights required, BPS;

• James Stephen Baxter, 21, Enterprise, Ala., failure to stop for stop sign, no insurance, driving while tag suspended (1st), BPS;

• Sarah Murphy, 18, 1678 Faceville Highway, Lot 6, Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting, (1st), BPS;

• Anthony Louis Parris, 45, 217 Palmer Road, Bainbridge, DUI, possession of marijuana (misd.) failure to obey traffic control device, open container in vehicle, BPS;

• Felicia Vail, 25, 2206 Fowlstown Road, Lot 94, Bainbridge, driving while license suspended, no insurance, striking unattended vehicle, expired driver’s license, BPS;

• Jessica Veronica Washington, 26, 1106 Lake Drive, Apt. 1703, Bainbridge, public drunk, BPS.