Oak City Cemetery looks neglected

Published 6:26 am Friday, October 5, 2012

My husband and I recently returned to Bainbridge, to attend my 50th high school reunion.

As always, when we visit Bainbridge, we go to Oak City Cemetery, as my parents and my husband’s parents are buried there. I noticed a sign as I entered stating, “Please pardon us as we are implementing our underbrush program.” I didn’t, and still don’t know what this means.

We were so disappointed to see the conditions of the entire cemetery. We cleaned up the lots in the spring, and we now find the same debris where it was left. In the past, the conditions of the cemetery were something to be proud of. This is not the case now!

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I continue to read your paper and see where millions of dollars are being spent, and more expenditures are planned. If the city is so flushed with funds, why does Oak City Cemetery look so neglected?

I am sure our past civic leaders would be appalled at these conditions. I hope to hear from someone about this topic.

Memore Cloud Halstead

Larry G. Halstead

P. O. Box 57

Louisa, VA 23093