Here’s a real debate

Published 8:32 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tonight is the first presidential debate, and it will go a long way to deciding who will win the presidential election in just a few weeks.

I’ve read and heard that Gov. Romney has been preparing diligently for this so-called debate. It will be the first of just a few times when both candidates will be on the same stage and facing each other. I have also read where the governor has been working on memorizing some “zingers.”

I think the logic for the debates is the better the zinger, the more obvious the winner. What a way to choose an occupant for the most powerful office in the world’s greatest democracy.
Heaven forbid that either candidate would depend on serious, substantive and truthful answers. That would get them nowhere except in the next political advertisement and it would not be positive.

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Imagine each of the candidates being secretly given truth serum before they walked onto the stage. The truth might sound something like this.

“Mr. President,” the moderator might begin, “As steward of the American economy for almost four years, there are some facts that are beyond question. The unemployment numbers have continued to be too high, the deficit has not been cut, and the national debt continues to soar. What do you propose in a continued administration?”

“Thank you for that depressing question,” the President responds. “I think it’s clear that I don’t have any answers. My administration and I are absolutely clueless.” Ooh, love that truth serum!

“That’s surprisingly honest,” the moderator acknowledges. “Governor Romney, you’ve heard the president admit that he doesn’t have the answers to the problems. Would you care to zing or respond?”

“Thank you, but no,” Romney says. “I don’t know what to do either.”

A perplexed moderator moves on. “The next question goes to the challenger. Governor Romney, you have stated that there will be no tax increase, but plenty of revenue will be forthcoming because of your robust policies and the elimination of deductions. Would you care to tell us what deductions would be eliminated?”

“Of course not,” the Governor answers. “You think I’m crazy? If I were to be that honest, I could kiss this election good-bye!”

I don’t think we are going to hear that kind of honesty tonight, but it is interesting to imagine what would really be said if both candidates had to tell nothing but the truth. Too bad we can only imagine.