Soup kitchen is popular, but needs new home

Published 7:12 am Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

Thanks to you and your staff for the coverage you gave Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, in your recent issues. I have had an overwhelming response to the advertising and phone calls from numerous people from three counties.

I regret to inform you that due to recent developments with the health department, I have to relocate to another location. We will no longer be able to cook and serve at the location behind the old extension office at the fairgrounds. The health inspectors are looking out for the safety of our citizens, and therefore I am not taking this personally.

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I am placing a sign on the door to inform the people that we have to relocate. Until we find this location, we will be happy to assist families with non-perishable food. We also have a limited amount of clothing to give to needy families. Call me at (229) 220-4469 if you need food.

We need our own building or a large, centrally-located church in which to serve. I believe that if God wants me to continue to cook and serve the hungry, then the way will be provided. If any businesses want to donate money for kitchen appliances, or any property owners that have a vacant building that they would like to donate and write off your taxes, please call me to discuss this further.

I want to thank all of the many volunteers that have been there each week to help serve, cook or just stopped by to encourage us. Thank you to all of the churches and businesses that donated food or supplies. Also, thanks to anyone who donated food or money. Thanks to the Hutto Middle School administration and staff for all your patience and assistance to let our student body know about soup kitchens. I am afraid to name specific names since I might possibly forget someone, but God knows who you are.

Remember, if you are a church who would like to take on this wonderful outreach opportunity to provide meals to the hungry and less fortunate, please contact me as soon as possible. I can come in each week to your church with my many volunteers and organize, cook and serve. I think it would be ideal if we could get 12 churches, like God had his 12 disciples, to rotate serving each week. The churches would benefit, as well as the hungry and less fortunate. It would be a “win-win situation.”

Patricia Anderson