Stay prepared for emergency weather

Published 8:25 am Friday, August 24, 2012

There’s no doubt that Decatur County citizens have kept their eyes on the weather forecast this past week, as meteorologists predicted that our area may be in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac, which could eventually be upgraded to a hurricane. Regardless of whether Isaac actually affects our area or not, it’s still important to refresh yourself about some of the keys to hurricane preparation.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends some of the following tips:

• Build an emergency kit and have a family communications plan.

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• Learn community hurricane evacuation routes and how to find higher ground.

• Plan to bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans and other objects that are not tied down.

• Have a generator ready in case of emergencies, and be sure to have enough fuel to operate it.

• If a hurricane is in the immediate area’s forecast, be prepared to take serious action to protect your property. This could include covering the windows with shutters or plywood, and installing straps or clips to securely fasten a roof.

• Be sure that trees and shrubs around your home are well-trimmed.

• If a hurricane hits, be prepared to take shelter in a closed room without windows, preferably toward the center of the building and on the lowest floor.

• Have a battery-operated radio or television, in order to stay abreast of the latest weather advisories.

Remember to take all weather warnings and instructions seriously. For more information, visit online at