Deputies, troopers make drug arrests

Published 9:43 am Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Enterprise, Ala., man was arrested early Sunday morning during a traffic stop conducted by a Decatur County Sheriff’s deputy and a Georgia state trooper.

Nafaro Erik Hazzard, 33, of Enterprise, Ala., is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of drug-related objects.

According to Captain Chip Nix, the lead investigator with the Sheriff’s Office, Hazzard’s arrest came after Deputy Vincent Edmond pulled over his vehicle at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

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Edmond noticed Hazzard, the driver, and a female passenger were acting nervous, so he requested backup, according to Nix. State Trooper First Class Walt Landrum of the Georgia State Patrol responded. The officers requested and received Hazzard’s permission to search his vehicle.

During the search, the officers smelled what they believed was the odor of marijuana coming from boxes located on the rear seat of the car, Nix said.

Edmond and Landrum opened up the boxes and found kitchen canisters, like one might store sugar or flour in, inside. In one of the canisters, they found approximately 0.25 pounds of marijuana.

Approximately $2,100 in cash was also seized during the search, Nix said.

In a separate, unrelated incident occurring on Friday night, GSP Trooper First Class Brian Palmer arrested Donnie Walker, 27, of Blakely, Ga., during a traffic stop and charged him with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.


Deputies discover pot plants

Sheriff’s deputies arrested two brothers in the early hours of Saturday, Aug. 4 after discovering several marijuana plants in their back yard, according to an incident report.

At about 1:36 a.m. on August 4, Captain Pat Trolinger and Deputy Vincent Edmond attempted to locate a wanted person, 28-year-old Bobby Samuel Jr., at 2491 Fowlstown Road.

As deputies arrived, they found a man later identified as 27-year-old Terrance Latrice Samuel standing in a doorway. Trolinger observed Terrance Samuel fumbling his hands inside his pockets as he walked toward deputies. Terrance Samuel stated to deputies that he hadn’t seen his brother, Bobby Jr., in two weeks and started to go back inside to ask his father, Bobby Sr., if deputies could search the residence for the wanted man.

Trolinger located a small clear baggie containing suspected marijuana at the spot Terrance Samuel had been standing while fumbling around in his pockets.

After receiving permission from Bobby Samuel Sr. to search inside and around the house, deputies found evidence that Bobby Samuel Jr. had recently been at the residence, including an open window in a bedroom at the rear of the house.

While walking around in the back yard looking for the wanted man, Trolinger found two suspected marijuana plants, one in a black pot and another in a Styrofoam cooler. Both plants were about three to four feet tall. Walking further along the wood line behind the house, Trolinger found approximately five more suspected marijuana plants, each about three to four feet tall, planted in the ground.

Terrance Samuel was later transported to the Decatur County Jail. There, Samuel told Sheriff’s Investigator Terry Phillips that the marijuana plants behind his house belonged to him, Bobby Samuel Jr. and a third man. Terrance further stated that his brother, Bobby Jr., had fled the residence when deputies arrived outside. Terrance stated Bobby Jr. jumped out of a rear bedroom window and ran into the woods.

Terrance also stated that his father, Bobby Samuel Sr., knew about the marijuana, but had asked Terrance to get rid of the plants.

Bobby Samuel Jr. later turned himself in to the Sheriff’s Office. Both men were charged with possession of marijuana and manufacturing marijuana. Bobby Samuel Jr. was also charged with a probation violation on the original charge of deposit account fraud.